Aviation Weather Camera Network

YDLQ - Deniliquin - New South wales

This site is dedicated to Australian aviation weather cameras. It is intended to provide an extremely low cost solution for airport operators and pilots. With the prevalence of low cost internet options, particularly in remote places, a weather camera need not be an expensive capital purchase, but rather a low cost and affordable solution with limited on-going costs.

This website is primarily a storage location for weather cameras in Australia.
It is a low cost, privately funded website that can host unlimited cameras and is waiting for YOU to get your own weather camera.
The site will store all of your camera's uploaded files and display them here so that they can be displayed via a URL.

All weather cameras here are also available in the OZRunways application, an application used by the majority of pilots in Australia.
To find out more about the most affordable weather camera for your airport, contact info@webcamstorageaus.com
If you already have Internet at your site, you can have your camera added to this page and OZRunways for as low as $50-$60 once-off, with no on-going costs.
We will purchase and supply you with a suitable camera (or more than one) and you can simply plug it in with the supplied instructions.

You can locate and purchase your own webcam as long as it does FTP auto-snap uploads. There are NO ON-GOING costs to use this system, just the purchase of the cameras.
We buy cameras on the Internet for around $50 and can send them to you if you don't want to configure them yourself.
We just need your WIFI SSID, password and the direction that the camera will be facing when mounted.

If you don't have internet, we can advise on the most cost effective way to get connected with a 4G solution for a cost of around $250 for the first year for a camera and data, and then only $100 - $150 per year on-going for data.
You will NOT do this cheaper or reliably yourself without much time and effort being spent on configuration and coding.

We have a large number of new cameras coming on-site very soon with approximately 6 sites going live across April 2018 with around 25-30 new cameras planned within the next 2 months (some sites will have multiple cameras).